Made with Xara © Copyright FGCA  2008 - 2011                                      Web design: Tony Ocampo  Jovial Message from the FGCA Officers and Members: Our Moment of PRIDE has come! Yesssss! She made it to the top! This was the big thing we have been waiting for. I am talking about our very first scholar GLEND MAE GALLOGO who bagged the highest honour in her class (BEED-SPED) graduating MAGNA CUM LAUDE at Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The fruit of our joint labour was indeed so sweet, I’ll tell you, after all the many years of trying to meet ends meet. Unknown to many of you, her last year in the university was the most difficult because by then we were almost running out of funds and it wasn’t easier for her either but we managed it even if we were already begging on our knees for donations. I know you are as happy as we are because we have finally the evidence that we are on the right road and that ALL our efforts, all the donations and sponsors benefits we have received have finally paid off. THANK YOU EVERYONE!  To the FGCA Officers, Members, Donors and Sponsors, and to those WHO in one way or another have supported and is still supporting our cause. And thank you Glend Mae for making FGCA be proud of you! Donation on Line We are very proud to announce the activation of our Payment/Donation online system in our website. Click DONATE button, follow the instructions and you’ll find that it is very easy, just like shopping online which is very common nowadays. The payment is secured so you don’t have nothing to worry and the payment reach us only in a matter of minutes. Of course, you’ll be notified as well as soon as your donations get through, from us. This is a great help since it has been very difficult for others who lived outside Sweden who wished to help to send their donations. So, I hope by having this feature we will be able to reach more people and help more students back home in the Philippines. For residents in Sweden, you may choose to pay your donation/membership fee via FGCA’s Bankgiro (Bankgironr: 5686-3640).   Scholars Update: We shall be posting soon Glend Mae Gallogo’s graduation photos and maybe video but it may takes a little while which we understand after the euphoria. We still have three scholars to get through. So we hope you will not get tired in continuing your support for these students. The same way we also continue doing our best that your donation goes to the right and deserving student. Six years of working voluntarily/freely should by now could attest to the sincerity of the association. Members and soon to be members: So now is the time, now is your chance to be a part of this successful project. Go now to our website and show you support. We are on the right track so let’s keep going. Renew your membership if you haven’t done it yet or make a Donation. Click the “donate” button now and together we will make another deserving student’s dream a reality. In behalf of FGCA, Julieta Monterroyo-Eriksson